Previous Consoles

Below are some images from various older projects from different platforms

Conker: Live And Reloaded

Released on the XBox Conker:Live and Reloaded was an update of Conkers Bad Fur Day plus a completely new multiplayer online game. Work included modelling and texturing both small and large weapons, a range of props, characters, renders and icons for use in both the single player and the online multiplayer games and the game frontend.Maya and Photoshop were used for the modelling and texturing.

A selection of some of the larger weapons and props from Conker

A selection of characters from Conker

High poly model of the original XBox controller used in the front end of Conker

A selection of small weapons and their textures


Perfect 10 was designed for the Playstaion 2 as an adventure/racing game, but was unfortunately cancelled in mid development. Duties included vehicle concept work and modelling and producing promotional art work. 3DS MAX 2 and Photoshop were used for modelling, texturing and rendering.

From concept drawing to model

More examples of car concepts

A selection of low poly non player vehicles and textures

Early promotional concept artwork

Early promotional concept artwork


A racing game for the PC. Produced car models and textures, team colour schemes, icons and renders for the game front end and selection screens. Promotional art and box art. 3DS MAX 2 and Photoshop were used for modeling, texturing and rendering.

A selection of cars from the game and their textures

Team colours applied to a selction of vehicles

Image showing all the cars and their team colours used in the game

In game shots

Promotional artwork

Box art for the American release of Offroad

UEFA Striker

UEFA Striker was made for the the Sega Dreamcast. Work included producing stadium exteriors and environments and rendering them for loading and selection screens. Elements of the stadium interiors, in game icons, textures for the player kits, faces and flags. 3DS MAX 2 and Photoshop were used for the modelling, texturing and rendering.

Examples of loading screens


Renders of the Sega Dreamcast and its controllers used in the game frontend

Examples of the loading screens used for stadium selection