A selection of miscellaneous images produced digitally and using traditional media.


Some of these images were concept ideas or rendered images for aborted projects. Others were made as a result of trying new techniques and for fun. 

Work in progress. Using photoshop

Hi poly Jeep model for use in FMV for an unpublished Banjo game. Modelled in Maya and rendered with Mental Ray

A render of a Lotus 7 for an unpublished racing game. Modelled and rendered with 3DS MAX 2

In game model for an unpublished game. Modelled with 3DS MAX 2

Concept sketches for game characters

Modelled in Maya and Zbrush. A broken SSS shader in Mental ray gave an unexpected result which led to some experimentation in Photoshop

A Photoshop sketch

 A scene rendered using Mental Ray and Mental Ray materials

Traditonal Images.

Here is a selection of paintings and drawings using traditional media produced before I started using software. The paintings are in acrylic using both airbrush and brush on a variety of surfaces ranging from canvas to illustration board to hardboard. The black and white images are pencil on illustration board. Apologies for the poor image quality but these are scans from old 35mm film.